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Alone in LA

[ 1989-1991 / film argentique ]

Une plongée dans l’envers du décor de Los Angeles, la ville du cinéma, de l’argent et de la réussite, un monde parallèle loin de l’image du perpétuel ciel bleu de Californie.

Dans les backstages d’Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica ou Malibu, des anonymes silencieux traînent leur ombre dans l’indifférence générale. Ici tout est immense : les espaces de vie, les avenues, les voitures, les panneaux publicitaires et la solitude…

People alone on the beach
Woman alone with seagulls
Man eating alone in his car
Child walking alone in LA
Woman waiting alone in LA for the bus
Couple chatting on a bench
Man doing his mail alone in LA
Couple chatting on a roof terrace
Homeless beggar on the street
Silhouette walking alone in LA
Letter painter drawing sign on a roof
Child on a bicycle in front of a factory
Child playing on a swing alone in LA
Reflections of silhouettes in a shop window
Old lady reading newspaper in the street
Electrician working on top of a pylon
Man walking under the self storage sign
Abandoned back street
Driving alone in LA on PCH
Man smoking alone in LA
Parking attendant sitting in his gatehouse
Policemen in front of a cinema entrance
Puzzled old man in front of a trash can
Sunbathe alone in Los Angeles
Woman walking alone in LA
jogger in the shade of giant pylons
Modern living store sign
Gardener on a ladder at the foot of the skyscrapers
helmeted worker at work
Homeless in LA
Barefoot homeless reading the press on a bench
Child playing at the foot of electric pylons
Granny walk
Man in cap and seagull
People waiting in front of a closed store
Woman walking in front of a closed store
Man sweeping the floor of a garage
Woman reading the morning press through the vending machine
Man in hat sitting on bench
Newspaper vendor in downtown LA
Facade of a food delivery store
Bookseller in his store behind his books
Sitting on bench reading the press
Tag Hunter working under a bridge
Homeless woman with her cart in an abandoned area
Young woman in bikini walking on Malibu beach
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